DRS Updates

Head Start Redesignation - 45 CFR 1307

DRS Competitions Forecasted to Open This Fall

The next round of DRS is forecasted to open for competition this fall. On grants.gov, Head Start/Early Head Start grant forecasts are grouped by state. You can also view a detailed list of funding forecasts, including service areas, funding amounts, and estimated...

DRS Quarterly Status Update (#2 of 4)

This is the second of four 2020 quarterly status updates about DRS. Learn about the timing of upcoming grant competitions and resources to prepare. COVID-19 continues to impact program operation. Many lessons are being learned about the impact of COVID-19 on...

How to Build Organizational Capacity for Grant Writing

With the ninth round of DRS grant competitions expected this fall, many programs are beginning to think about how they will complete their grant proposal. Some programs have a team or staff member who develops proposals; other programs might contract with a grant...

2019 National CLASS Scores Released and What it Means for DRS

Each year, the release of the National Overview of Grantee CLASS Scores provides national statistics by CLASS domain and dimension of the grantees that received CLASS reviews during the past program year. The National Overview for 2019 was recently made available. As...

Gearing Up for DRS Start-Up

This is the time of year that programs who competed for DRS grants in the fall typically begin to receive notification of an award or are contacted by the Office of Head Start (OHS) to begin negotiations. The eighth round of DRS was one of the largest rounds of DRS to date and soon many of the awardees will enter the start up period.

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