Continuous Improvement for Head Start and Early Head Start


Our collaborative and comprehensive services will help build your capacity to meet the next opportunity for your program. A planned and systematic approach to your regular program activities can help you identify and respond to weaknesses in your program and mitigate the risk of being identified for participation in the Designation Renewal System (DRS).

Is your current community assessment actionable? A well designed community assessment can help programs operate more efficiently and establish program designs that are responsive to the greatest needs of children and families. Learn more about our Community Assessment options.>>

Are your policies and procedures aligned with the current HSPPS? As the foundation of a comprehensive management system, policies and procedures provide direction to staff members about how to complete tasks in compliance with HSPPS. They are also a mechanism to hold staff members accountable. If your policies have been sitting on a shelf lately, Foundations for Families can help you turn them into an active, usable tool that can be updated as needed.

Are you mitigating your program risk by conducting ongoing monitoring? Programs need to monitor their progress toward goals on a regular basis. Ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement helps your agency measure program performance, identify areas of concern, and make immediate program corrections. Reports and data analysis are just one piece of the puzzle – we can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your monitoring systems.

What did you learn from your last self-assessment? By aligning self-assessment priorities with relevant source documents (e.g., monitoring protocol, DRS FOA), your program can resolve potential risks before they become issues. With a thoughtful, priority-driven design for self-assessment, your program will be better equipped to gather useful data and information to support program quality.

Are you prepared for your next monitoring review? Because data from AMS 2.0 is used to determine whether the grantee will need to compete for further Head Start funding according to the Designation Renewal System (DRS), it’s important to demonstrate strong performance during your review. Learn about our CLASS coaching and Federal Review Preparation.>>

Regular program activities include:

  1. Community Assessment
  2. Policies and Procedures
  3. Ongoing Monitoring and Data Management
  4. Self-Assessment
  5. Federal Review Preparation


Five core program activities are central to continuous improvement. These activities, when coordinated and high quality, have the potential to be highly impactful for programs.

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