Head Start/Early Head Start

Head Start and Early Head Start

Foundations for Families provides high-quality and cost effective consulting for Head Start, Early Head Start and Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships programs.

Our consulting, training and technical assistance services include:

  • AMS 2.0/FA2 preparation and reviews
  • CLASS observations 
  • Community assessment, with an equity lens
  • Designation Renewal System (DRS) response and risk mitigation
  • Fiscal consulting
  • Governance training
  • HSPPS training and compliance
  • Monitoring preparation and response to delinquencies and findings
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Program design
  • Proposal writing
  • Professional development and coaching for management staff
  • Start-up implementation and technical assistance
  • Strategic assessment of program capacity, capability and potential
  • Wage and fringe benefit comparability study
We offer uncommon and comprehensive fiscal consulting services.

The FFF fiscal approach is appropriate for all grantees, including EHS-CCP programs.

We review and right-size proposed budgets, establish center classroom cost models, determine the cost of quality care, build the business and fiscal capacity of your child care partners, integrate child care partner fiscal reporting for compliance, allocate costs, and budget with a variety of funding streams to reach duration.

Our executive staff brings expertise, academic credentials, current regulatory and research knowledge and a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of children and families to every project.

We meet with each client to determine the specific needs of their program and design a plan that is customized to achieve individual program goals.

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“Having FFF be in the start-up planner role working with us at every step proved our wisest decision. They didn’t just advise, as many consultants often only do, they actually did the work and ... read more

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“What particularly astonished me was FFF’s ‘classroom budget model’ to inform our child care partner payment rate. It was elegant, fair and transparent, and instructive for creating the ... read more

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