Community Assessment

A strong community assessment helps you understand the needs of children and families – and uncover important trends in the communities you serve.

A community assessment can help programs operate more efficiently, with enhanced partnerships, and establish program designs that are responsive to the greatest needs of children and families.

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Community Assessment


During the past year, it has become increasingly evident that the pandemic has highlighted already existing needs in communities and has led to new and changing needs.

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Comprehensive Community Assessment. We work with programs to plan, coordinate, and conduct a full community assessment. With your input, we will create a report that meets the federal Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS). Because we specialize in data collection and research, your agency won’t have to spend hours combing through data to create a high quality, informative report.

Foundations for Families team members will guide you week-by-week through research, data collection, and draft recommendations. Our timeline allows us to dig into data, explore new sources of information, and gather input from your stakeholders, if needed. You’ll walk away with a community assessment that will help your agency operate more efficiently and establish program designs that are responsive to the greatest needs of children and families.

Community Assessment Update. If you have an existing community assessment, we’ll conduct a thorough review against HSPPS and provide recommendations for additional data collection to enhance existing data. We’ll also update the key data that is in your current community assessment report.

We’ll provide you with a standalone document that can be used with your existing community assessment to inform all aspects of program design. With an updated community assessment, you can continuously improve your program in order to implement changes – well-grounded in data – that positively impact the children and families in your communities.

Gathering Data to Support a Competitive Application. Every competitive grant application has criteria that you must meet. High-quality data collection and analysis can support your program’s ability to respond to those criteria. Collecting key data points, in addition to updating your existing community assessment, can help you prepare a high quality, competitive grant application.

FFF was very organized and thorough. Any question we had was met with thoughtfulness and guidance to come to a clear understanding. I felt the final products were designed for our agency specifically.

The final update on the Community Assessment was very comprehensive and will change the composition of future Community Assessments in years to come. Updating the Community Assessment was important and then making that connection to the actual grant writing was also valuable.


Head Start Director, Lubbock Independent School District, Lubbock, TX

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