Throughout 2020 we will post quarterly status updates about the Early Head Start Expansion and Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) initiative. This is the first of four quarterly status updates. We’ll address topics such as pending grant awards, new grant opportunities, and reports and announcements relevant to the EHS-CCP community.

Program implementation changes during COVID-19 closures. The pandemic that our country faces has led to many Head Start/Early Head Start programs having to establish alternative service provision strategies for the foreseeable future. Many administrators are now working from home, and the day-to-day looks very different from what it did just a few weeks ago. Learn how you can refocus energy and attention during program closures.

EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP Rounds 1, 2, and 3 move forward as Round 4 is on the horizon. Some EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grantees have now been implementing their program for years! In the last round of DRS, we started to see a few EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grants up for re-competition. As even more grantees progress through the grant cycle, we expect the next round of DRS will also include some EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grants.

As we shared earlier this month, the fourth round of EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP is expected to be up for competition in summer 2020. There is not yet a forecast on Check this spring for a forecast for when the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) will be released.

Planning and implementation resources are available for current and potential EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grantees. Now that there is clearer guidance on the timing of the next round of grants, you might consider using time this spring to prepare for an upcoming proposal. Below are blog posts from Foundations from Families that address some of the most pressing topics as they relate to competitive, EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP proposal development.

Stay tuned for additional guidance and updates as we get closer to the release of the EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP FOA.

Foundations for Families offers customized Grant Writing Solutions for programs applying for EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grants. Our consulting services also include support such as preparation for a CLASS monitoring review or Focus Area One and Two reviews, and much more. Please be in touch to learn more.

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