The fourth round of EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP was forecasted to open for competition on July 10, however the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) didn’t post to and the forecast hasn’t been updated. We recognize this might create uncertainty for programs and can make planning difficult. Below are a few tips and considerations to help your program manage the delay in EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP Round 4.

Plan for multiple timelines. In the absence of an updated forecast, it’s hard to know when the FOA will post to In the third round of EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grant competitions (fall 2018), the FOA didn’t post until the end of October and applications were due one month later. This 4-week turnaround was unexpected, and applicants had to move quickly to prepare their proposals.

Since little is known about the timing of round 4, we recommend you balance the unknown by preparing for both a 4-week and an 8-week turnaround. Advance planning on your program design and budget will help you to more easily respond to the application requirements when the FOA is released. If you plan for 4 weeks and end up with 8 weeks, the process might go even smoother!

Explore considerations for partnership or expansion. Across the county, the child care field is experiencing deep impacts of COVID-19. Many states have issued guidance for child care programs to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission in child care settings (e.g., changes in ratios and group sizes). In some states, licensing expectations have changed.

Consider how guidelines and requirements in your state might impact new partnerships or expansion. For example, if considering partnership versus expansion under reduced group sizes and ratios, how will this impact budget (e.g., staff, training, supplies)? Begin to sketch out your implementation plan. Ask key questions such as, what is needed for start up? And, how will the program achieve full implementation?

Explore community data and prepare reflections about the impact of COVID-19. The far-reaching impacts of COVID-19 are being felt in communities across the country. Consider gathering up-to-date community data that will help to reveal growing community need. In the near term, COVID-19 will continue to be a major factor in program planning and operations. To prepare for your EHS Expansion or EHS-CCP application, we recommend you develop a plan to describe community need and how your program will be responsive to meeting those needs.

As you get ready for EHS-CCP round 4, please let us know if we can be of assistance. If your program plans to write its own grant proposal and is interested in support to strengthen its compliance and competitiveness, you might consider our Quality Assurance Review. We also offer Submission Support to help programs with the final stage of the application process. Contact us to learn more.

Thank you.

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