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Raise CLASS Instructional Support Scores with These Small Changes

By Patti Greenstein, Consultant and Trainer, Foundations for Families Designated by the Head Start Act as an evaluation requirement of Head Start/Early Head Start grantees, CLASS is one measure the Office of Head Start (OHS) uses to assess program quality. In our work...

Learn More About PDG B-5 Grant Awardees

Earlier this year Preschool Development Birth through Five Grant awards were announced. There is now additional information available on the Office of Child Care (OCC) website about the awardees. A list of PDG B-5 Grant awardees is posted with the federal award...

PDG B-5 Renewal Grants Forecasted as Initial Grants Kick Off

With the excitement of states submitting Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) proposals and the announcement of awards, renewal grants might not be top of mind. But, PDG B-5 Renewal Grants are already forecasted on Renewal grants were...

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