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It’s Not Too Soon to Plan for Your Federal Review

Preparing for a Head Start/Early Head Start federal monitoring review takes time and focus. Learn about tips and strategies to prepare for a review under the new Aligned Monitoring System 2.0.

Opportunity for Rural Communities to Address Opioid Crisis

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) recently released a Rural Communities Opioid Response Funding Opportunity. If your program is located in a rural area, this planning grant may be of interest to you and your community partners. We’ve heard from many of you that the opioid drug epidemic is having deep impacts on the families you serve. In rural communities, resources and supports to address these challenges may be scarce. 

How Does Your Fiscal Strategy Support Teacher Retention?

Tackling the predicament of high turnover and low teacher retention in Head Start/Early Head Start programs is not always easy. Tying retention to a carefully determined compensation plan can also be a challenge. Yet, asking this question is important – how does your fiscal strategy support teacher retention?

Assessment Readiness is Key to a Strong Focus Area Two Review

In recent months we’ve heard concerns from Head Start/Early Head Start programs that were informed they have an upcoming Focus Area Two review as part of the new Aligned Monitoring System 2.0 (AMS 2.0). If your first AMS 2.0 monitoring visit is causing you stress, you’re not alone.

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