On Monday a comment request was issued in the Federal Register for the National Center on Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership (NCEHS-CCP) Evaluation. This means there is an opportunity to review the proposed evaluation plan and share your comments and recommendations before it is finalized.

NCEHS-CCP provides resources, materials, and training and technical assistance (T/TA) to T/TA providers, as well as information useful to state and federal agencies and EHS-CCP grantees. According to the notice in the Federal Register, NCEHS-CCP is interested in conducting a descriptive study that will track its activities and progress. The goal is to learn information that can be translated into action steps for continuous quality improvement.

Comments are requested specifically related to data collection activities, including –

  • Stakeholder survey – The evaluation will include web-based surveys with stakeholders to learn about support received, satisfaction, how T/TA influenced their work with EHS-CCP grantees, and continuous improvement.
  • Stakeholder telephone interviews – Telephone interviews will be conducted with a subset of the group of stakeholders that complete the survey. The interviews will delve deeper into the areas of the survey and will explore successes and challenges.

Check out the Federal Register for additional guidance about how to submit comments. Don’t forget, is best to submit comments within 30 days (by March 10, 2016) to ensure they’re considered.

Thank you.

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