This week, a new Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) was posted to for Head Start/Early Head Start Expansion Grants in communities in 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma and South Carolina. The FOA can be found here.

The deadline for applications is September 21, 2020, and the turnaround time is very quick for the anticipated project start date, December 2, 2020. Per the FOA, applications will only be accepted from agencies with an existing Head Start, Early Head Start, or Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership grant.

If you are following the recently released EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP Grant Opportunity, you will notice that this FOA is different. Rather than following the format of the EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP FOA, it more closely resembles a typical DRS proposal.

A total of $21,140,818 is available for grants. Below is a list of the funding allocations by state.

  • Alabama – $458,103
  • Arkansas – $819,161
  • California – $1,029,498
  • Colorado – $863,929
  • Georgia – $227,204
  • Illinois – $2,897,854
  • Kansas – $226,258
  • Michigan – $1,228,166
  • Mississippi – $980,145
  • New Jersey – $2,379,759
  • New York – $4,027,077
  • Ohio – $2,546,430
  • Oklahoma – $2,270,933
  • South Carolina – $1,186,301

Through this funding opportunity, Expansion is defined as adding slots to classrooms or family child care homes, adding new classrooms to an existing center, adding new centers or family child care providers, and/or adding slots to a home-based program. The FOA also states that services may be operated by a delegate agency.

Of particular note, there is an expressed interest in the FOA in promoting Head Start programs as Community Services Hubs. Bonus points (15 points) are available for applicants providing a comprehensive plan for a Community Services Hub.

A Community Services Hub is broadly defined as a centralized coordination of service provision that enhances families’ social networks and promotes family well-being and economic mobility, and ultimately supports children’s development and learning…A Community Services Hub should go beyond basic service referral, and should reflect a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to achieving stronger collaboration with community partners and/or other federal agencies or state agencies (if applicable) that is goal oriented and designed to best meet the individualized needs of families.

If your program is located in one of the states listed above, we recommend checking out the FOA to see if this opportunity might be a good fit to expand your program.

Foundations for Families offers a variety of Grant Writing Solutions for programs that may need support through the grant writing process. If your program has the capacity to write its own grant application, then our grant writing Toolkit might be the right fit. Our resources will equip your program with a timeline, template, and process to successfully draft and submit a competitive proposal. We also offer Quality Assurance Review and Submission Support. Please contact us to learn more.

Thank you.

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