The February Office of Head Start (OHS) Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) webcast focused on Family and Community Engagement. It included a review of family engagement embedded throughout the new HSPPS as well as provided helpful information about resources available to programs to help them meet the new HSPPS in this area. During the webcast OHS polled attendees and learned that some participants aren’t familiar with all of the resources available to them related to family engagement. Below, you will find a summary of few of the great resources highlighted on the webcast.

Head Start Father Engagement Birth to Five Programming Guide – On this week’s webcast OHS acknowledged that there has been a lot of activity in the area of father engagement in recent years, and the new HSPPS reflect that shift. The Father Engagement Guide links directly to the Parent, Family and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework, and is divided into three main sections – Program Foundations (leadership, continuous improvement, and professional development), Program Impact Areas, and Resources – to help programs engage fathers (and other men playing an important role in a child’s life). The Resources section provides a wealth of information ranging from assessment and action planning templates to guidance on planning father-focused groups.

Compendium of Parenting Interventions – Released in fall 2015, the Compendium describes a broad range of evidence-based parenting interventions that can be used with families of young children. It describes what parenting interventions are and how they work, and provides guidance about how to select a parenting intervention for your program. An “At-A-Glance” table provides a visual comparison of parenting interventions to help programs select those that are the best fit for use with the families they serve.

Family Engagement in Transitions: Transition to Kindergarten – This resource addresses the important transition to kindergarten, and provides strategies that can be used to support successful transitions for children, families and staff. It addresses key practices such as planning, information sharing, professional development and family and community partnerships.

In the February webcast we also heard from OHS about questions they’re receiving from the field. According to OHS, many questions have come up related to the parenting curriculum and they are working on responses. For example, what constitutes research-based, and how can a program determine if a particular curriculum meets this requirement? The other area where OHS is receiving questions is related to the Family Services Credential. Guidance will be coming about what certificates/credentials meet the requirement, what programs should do if they have their own certificate, and whether the credential must be through an institute of higher education. OHS also reminded participants that new videos would be coming soon to the Showcase.

The OHS HSPPS webcasts are available on ECLKC for those of you interested in viewing. The next webcast will take place on March 15, 2017 and the topic will be using data in your program. If your program needs assistance developing a plan of action to address the new HSPPS, we are here to help. Foundations for Families’ consulting staff have significant experience and expertise advising Head Start and Early Head Start grantees. Please be in touch to explore ways we can assist your program.

Thank you. 

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