Now that you’ve had some time to sit with the new Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) it may feel like the clock is ticking toward compliance with the new standards. The Office of Head Start (OHS) released a helpful Compliance Table that details the compliance date for particular performance standards. This Compliance Table is included in the Preamble, though it’s certainly helpful to have it as a printable stand-alone to keep front and center!

If you haven’t had a chance to review the Preamble, it provides a summary why and how the HSPPS were revised. Did you know that approximately 1,000 comments were received on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NRPM)? What’s most helpful about the Preamble is that it provides detailed information about what was proposed for a standard, summarizes feedback from commenters, and describes the response from OHS. If you’re unsure as to why a particular standard is framed the way it is, you may find a useful context in the Preamble. On the recent webcast about the new HSPPS, OHS stressed the importance of reading the preamble. Naturally, is long (168 pages!) but you may find it helpful to read as much as you can to gain the most full picture of why.

The Preamble also succinctly describes the intended impact of the new standards on program administration:

…the final rule makes program requirements easier for current and future program leaders to understand and reduces administrative burden so that Head Start directors can focus on delivering high-quality early learning programs that help put children onto a path of success. 

What are your reactions after reviewing the new HSPPS? Do you think the new standards will help to reduce administrative burden? We look forward to hearing about programs’ journey to implement the new standards!

Thank you.

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