Last week the Head Start community convened at the National Head Start Association (NHSA) Winter Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia. This year’s theme was “The Next Generation of Commitment” and it truly was an exciting time to think about our path forward. If you attended, you probably noticed a focus on change; change leadership, strengthening change, and applying lessons learned to Head Start. It’s always interesting to hear how programs are thinking innovatively about new ways to leverage resources to serve more families in different ways. Did you have a favorite session, or make a new connection at the event? It was great to see so many committed people coming together in the same room to talk about how to strengthen Head Start. If we missed you at the Winter Leadership Institute we hope we’ll find other ways to connect soon!

As we walk away from informative conferences like the Winter Leadership Institute, we ask ourselves what can we do with the information we learned? As you return to your programs, think about how you can apply what you learned to real life challenges and opportunities you are experiencing.

Thank you.

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