What to do while you are waiting? Aside from continuing to work hard to serve children and families in a high quality manner…

We hope you are writing your grant application. Not thinking about it, but writing.

Actual writing.

There is every reason to believe that many sections of the Round 3 FOAs will be very like the Round 2 and Round 1 FOAs. And, although there was a significant shift between Round 1 and 2, there was a lot more that was the same than was different.

We hope you all have downloaded copies of round 2 FOAs.  Here is one, in case you haven’t…

Head Start and/or Early Head Start – Laramie County, Wyoming
Released: 7/24/13
Due: 10/22/14

  • Doesn’t it seem like the needs in your community (Demonstration of Need) aren’t going to change much in the next couple of weeks?  Right.  You can get right on that.
  • You may be tweaking your program design (within Demonstration of Need) so it would be reasonable to continue your conversations on that and wait.  But not for long…
  • Also, your curriculum and classroom practices (Achieving Early Learning and Development Outcomes to Promote School Readiness) are probably set.  Are you proposing a change?  Maybe.  If not – write, write, write.
  • They ask about your program and agency’s past performance (Past Performance).  Past is the operative word.  No need to wait on that.  There is a need to get that part right given that this is where you address the reason you are in Round 3.  Call if you want.
  • Think about your staff and how you support them (Staffing and Supporting a Strong Early Learning Workforce).  Are you changing that?  Probably not – best to start to write about it.
  • Finally, your organization is organized and it has whatever capacity it has (Organizational Capacity and Governance) so you can write about that. The governance question is interesting and may require a bit more discussion.

One of the things we are doing while we wait is think about the upcoming EHS-Child Care Partnership opportunity.

In fact, as we write this we are also listening to the Build Initiative meeting in Chicago that is being live streamed.  Maybe you are, too?

If you aren’t, consider tuning in tomorrow morning.  It could work – split computer screen – we know you can do a couple of things at once.  It is quite refreshing to hear from Yvette Sanchez Fuentes on a topic that isn’t DRS!

We’ve been really impressed with the speakers so far.  Right now, Jeff Capizzano from The Policy Equity Group is talking about similarities and differences in the RTT-ELC proposal structures and EHS (DRS, ehem) proposal structures.  If you have time or interest, check it out.  The live stream will be available soon but you can see  his  “The Nuts and Bolts of the Application” and “EHS-Child Care Partnership Draft Application Criteria Tool” right now.  A gem.

Are you already thinking about EHS-Child Care Partnerships?  We hope so.  Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t – but make sure you know what your state is doing.  Here is the participant list from the Build meeting.  Who do you recognize?  You are probably in the loop already but if you aren’t, consider reaching out when these people return and express your interest.

Stay in the loop – stay in touch.

Thank you.


If you are in Round 3 DRS and need help with your grant application, or if you are a delegate or otherwise qualified agency considering your options, please be in touch. In most cases, we can help you and if not we will certainly connect you with the resources you need. Please do call – 703-599-4329 or email [email protected] .

Considering the EHS-Child Care Partnership funding opportunity?  We are following that topic, too.  Please visit our sister blog and learn more.



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