For those interested in DRS but unable to attend the Winter Leadership Institute (WLI) in DC last week, there were three particularly interesting sessions.  One was the information on the Head Start Key Indicators (HSKI).  The second was called Lessons Learned from DRS Rounds 1, 2 and 3.  With Emmalie busy on the Hill, Tommy Sheridan and Yasmina Vinci facilitated the conversation. Finally, during the Update from the Office of Head Start, Shawna Pinckney talked about DRS.

During Lessons Learned, after reviewing NHSA’s policy agenda regarding DRS, Tommy reviewed NHSA’s policy agenda regarding DRS and then shared updates on DRS.  Shawna also offered updates on DRS that, for the most part, lined up with Tommy’s information.

–          On Tuesday the 28th, Tommy said that Round 3 should be released very soon.  Later in the week, Shawna shared that those in Round 3 should receive their letters THIS week (February 3-7).

–          Tommy reported that the five Birth-to-5 pilot program winners should be announced very, very soon. Shawna said the winners of the pilot would be announced within the next two months.

–          Round 2 winners are to receive notification in April 2014, according to Tommy.  During Thursday’s session, Shawna noted that the panel review of Round 2 would be complete at the end of February, that the preliminary winners would be notified in the spring and this would be followed by transitions and negotiations resulting in a July 1, 2014 award.

–          The evaluation of DRS is ongoing and this summer will mark the information gathering phase.  Tommy encouraged participation in that process to ensure an accurate and robust evaluation.

We will update you when we learn more about Round 3 and the pilot.

Thank you.

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