A Behind the Scenes Look at the NCEHS-CCP Implementation Planner and Fiscal Consultant Project

By Clare Siegel

I recently had the opportunity to participate in the EHS-CCP Implementation Planner Training. It is great to be on the ground floor of this exciting project. The 2 day training included presentations from the Office of Head Start and the Office of Child Care which set the stage for moving forward in supporting programs in successful start-up and program implementation. We heard from the staff of the “new” National Center for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships and got a taste of some of the available resources.

The Voices from the Field presentation from Susan Main (Early Learning Coalition of Duval County, FL), Khari Gavin (NC HS State Collaboration Office), and Lynette Frago (Child Care Aware of America) was especially helpful. The presenters shared what Child Care and EHS  identify as opportunities and challenges. The speakers emphasized a need to be flexible, willing to share lessons learned across programs and collaboration locally and statewide.

The NCEHS-CCP is quickly building up resources and helpful information for programs on ECLKC. I suggest as you are working on start-up you check out the resources available. One resource not to be missed is The Checklist for Developing a Partnership Agreement or Contract. This tool is available on ECLKC in EHSCCP under fiscal.

The training provided a forum for connecting consultants. Moving forward consultants will be connected via a list serve and given opportunities for additional resource sharing and training. When you attend EHS-CCP orientation, you will hear more about the kinds of support that implementation and fiscal consultants can provide programs so they can be successful right from the start.

Between now and then, if you’d like to get started with developing or implementing a start-up roadmap please call.

Thank you.


Please reach out to Foundations for Families if you need help with your new grant. For a limited time and to a small number of agencies, we are offering a one day, on-site strategy session to help chart your critical path to success. To all agencies, we are offering a comprehensive, multi-day, on-site strategy session to result in a detailed, documented vision for your startup period with timelines and key milestones for an on-time, high quality start-up. This option includes document review prior to the visit and follow-up technical assistance. Foundations for Families is also offering technical support and coaching for success during the implementation of the start-up period. Please call 703-599-4329 or email Amy at [email protected]

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