Is Your Program’s Community Assessment DRS-Ready?

If your program is required to compete for continued Head Start/Early Head Start funding during the upcoming round of Designation Renewal System (DRS), round 7, then you may be wondering when the DRS Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) will be forecasted. We are, too!

5 Factors That Make a Difference in DRS Proposal Development

Earlier this week, the 6th round of Designation Renewal System (DRS) came to a close. Congratulations to everyone who successfully submitted a proposal! Over years of working with programs in every round of DRS we’ve continued to..

Thinking about Applying for EHS Expansion or EHS-CCP Funds?

Most people who read this blog are working on a DRS application.  The DRS application is necessary and hard.  Not that uplifting. Right now, it is possible to turn some of your attention to the recently forecasted EHS Expansion and EHS-CCP grant opportunity.  Not as...

The Legal Perspective on Writing Recompetition Grants

We participated in a version of this webinar during round one of recompetition and found it to be really interested and valuable.  Prepare to write quickly!  It moves fast and it all seemed note-worthy. From the LAS email: How to Write Recompetition Grant Applications...

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