Last week, we shared our observations that: 1) unlike Round 1, OHS has not released an official list of preliminary winners and 2) it makes sense, to us, in the absence of that official list to initiate or continue important conversations.

Important conversations would be with your regional office, notes to the grants (including DRS) information email address, and to other agencies that may be in or interested in providing service in your service area (depending on whether you are EHS or HS).

The regional offices have not released their timelines for contacting agencies or initiating negotiations but, according to many of you and letters we’ve seen, they have definitely started the process. It would be reasonable to call your regional office and ask them if they would share their plan to inform the region.

In the absence of the official list from OHS, we are left to piece it together ourselves.

We encourage you to keep calling and planning for a variety of outcomes.

Good luck and thank you.

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