The Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families issued a press release today announcing that it is entering negotiations with 160 potential winners of the first round of competition under the Designation Renewal System per 45 CFR 1307.  Negotiations are expected to be complete by July and then the list of grantees will be made final.

You’ll recall that the first group of 132 grantees were notified in December of 2011 that they would be required to recompete for their current federal Head Start and Early Head Start funds.

The related RFAs were released in two groups in April and May of 2012.  The proposals were due at the end of July and middle of August 2012.

The results of the competition were described in the press release:

Out of the 125 existing providers required to compete for continued Head Start funding, 80 were successful in developing proposals that documented their improvements and plans to provide the highest-quality services and education for low-income children and families in their communities, and these 80 grantees will continue to receive federal funding.  Twenty-five existing providers will be replaced by new programs that developed better plans for delivering Head Start services in their communities, and an additional 14 existing grantees will see their grants split up between new and existing providers.  In the remaining competitions, no applications were found to meet the panel’s high standards:  in these areas, Head Start services will continue while a new competition begins this spring to find a new provider.

These are the agencies entering negotiations, by state and county/city.  We will publish the list with links to each agency in the next day or so.

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