With the excitement of states submitting Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) proposals and the announcement of awards, renewal grants might not be top of mind. But, PDG B-5 Renewal Grants are already forecasted on grants.gov. Renewal grants were forecasted on November 2nd, before grant awards were even announced!

Here’s what you need to know –

  • Submission timeline: The Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for renewal grants is expected to post to grants.gov on August 19, 2019. Applications will be due October 18, 2019.
  • Expected awards and award date: The expected number of awards is 20 and the estimated project start date is December 30, 2019.
  • Funding: $241 million is the estimated total amount of funding available, and awards are expected to range from $10 million to $25 million.
  • Eligible applicants: The grant forecast states that any state or territory awarded a 2018 Initial Grant (funding opportunity HHS-2018-ACF-OCC-TP-1379) may apply. States that received prior PDG funding but did not receive an Initial PDG B-5 Grant will also be eligible to apply for a renewal grant.

The grant forecast provides limited information about the content of the Renewal FOA. As noted in the grant forecast:

The PDG B-5 Renewal Grants seek to empower State governments to lead the way in leveraging Federal, State and local early care and education investments. States awarded a renewal grant may use a certain portion of grant funds to award subgrants to programs in a mixed delivery system across the State. These renewal grants seek to assist States in helping low-income and disadvantaged children enter Kindergarten prepared and ready to succeed in school and to help improve the transitions from the early care and education setting to elementary school. The overall responsibility of the PDG B-5 Renewal Grant is to assist States in the coordination of their existing early childhood services and funding streams for the purpose of serving more children birth through age five in a mixed delivery model.

Want to keep tabs on the forecast for Renewal Grants? You can find the forecast for the PDG B-5 Renewal Grants on grants.gov. On the grants.gov main page, click Search Grants. The Opportunity Number for the Renewal Grants is HHS-2019-ACF-OCC-TP-1567. Put this in the Opportunity Number search field and click Search. Once you find the forecast for the Renewal Grants you can click the red “Subscribe” box to receive updates related to the forecast. We’ll also post any updates here to help keep you in the loop.

While the FOA for Renewal Grants isn’t expected to post for 7 months, it is not too soon for states to get ready for renewal grant writing. If an external grant writer will be needed, we recommend securing services well in advance of the release of the FOA (late spring/early summer). This will help to ensure a process and timeline for proposal development are in place when the FOA is released and the application development period can be maximized.

Foundations for Families team members have an extremely high success rate writing federal grant proposals for local entities, state departments, and national organizations. We offer a range of grant writing services, including comprehensive grant writing, grant coaching, and quality assurance review.

  • Comprehensive Grant Writing. Our most comprehensive offering for grant services is grant writing. Foundations for Families’ grant writing service provides start to finish support to applicants to plan for, draft, and submit a high-quality, competitive proposal.
  • Grant Coaching. With grant coaching services, Foundations for Families provides tools and advises throughout the proposal development process to support the applicant. The applicant drafts the proposal.
  • Quality Assurance Review. Foundations for Families team members provide a detailed review of an applicant’s proposal, providing feedback to strengthen the applicant’s submission.

If you are interested to learn more about Foundations for Families grant writing services please be in touch. We would be glad to discuss the needs of your state and how we could support a competitive Renewal Grant proposal.

Thank you.

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