The majority of the Head Start and Early Head Start grant opportunities for programs on the recompetition list linked to CFR 1307 are scheduled to be released today according to the grants forecast section of the webpage.

There is some question about whether there will be a delay – the Ohio situation, at least, is pending.  As of this 8:30 this morning, this is the official schedule and if we learn anything else we will post an update.

Also, please note that it is possible to export the list from the grants forecast to Excel and we definitely recommend that.  The web-based database remains cumbersome.

Grant Applications NOT Scheduled To Be Released Today (3/23/12)

March 30, 2012
Forecasted release date

  1. Head Start Grantee – Washtenaw County, Michigan

 March 31, 2012
Forecasted release date

  1.   Head   Start Grantee – City of Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  2.   Head   Start Grantee – Otter Tail and Wadena Counties, Minnesota

April 7, 2012
Forecasted release date

  1.   Early   Head Start Grantee – Beaver County, Pennsylvania
  2.   Early   Head Start Grantee – Bronx County, New York
  3.   Early   Head Start Grantee – Cities of Altadena,
    Pasadena, and Glendale in Los   Angeles County, California
  4.   Head   Start Grantee – Beaver County, Pennsylvania
  5.   Head   Start Grantee – Cities of Altadena, Arcadia, Pasadena,
    San Marino, Sierra   Madre, and South Pasadena in Los Angeles County, California
  6.   Head   Start Grantee – Communities of South Vermont and Green Meadows
    within Los   Angeles County, California
  7.   Head   Start Grantee – San Juan Metro Area, Puerto Rico

For everyone else, unless and until we hear otherwise…today’s the day.

Thank you.


If your agency has activated a ‘trigger’ and is facing recompetition – you might want or need guidance. In most cases, we can help you get through this critical period and, if we can’t, we’ll certainly help you find the support you need.

If you are a delegate agency thinking about responding to the upcoming RFP to continue to serve your children and families on your own, but are unsure about grant writing, give us a call.

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