If you’re keeping count, the six additional DRS grants forecasted this week brings the grand total up to 169. The number of DRS Round 8 forecasts might even continue to grow, as we’ve seen forecasts added right up until the Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) post.

The newly added forecasts mirror the other Head Start/Early Head Start forecasts already on grants.gov, with one small difference. The estimated date for FOAs to post is September 3, 2019 as opposed to September 4, 2019, which is listed in all of the other Head Start/Early Head Start grant forecasts. Perhaps the DRS FOAs will post a day earlier than originally estimated? Every day counts in DRS proposal development! Keep a close watch on grants.gov as it gets closer to September. It’s not unusual for FOAs to post before or after the estimated posting date. The estimated proposal due date is November 4, 2019 for all forecasted DRS grants.

If you haven’t already, consider signing up for updates on grants.gov to be sure you’re alerted when the FOA you’re waiting on is live. Check out our recent blog post for guidance on how to sign up for updates and for other tips to prepare for DRS.

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