December 4, 2017 is now less than 1 week away. This is the estimated date for many Head Start/Early Head Start Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) to post to If you’re keeping close track of what is forecasted on you may have noticed a slight change this week. There were two forecasted grants removed from Head Start/Early Head Start grant for the U.S. Virgin Islands as well Head Start/Early Head Start grant for the Municipalities of Anasco, Las Marias, Maricao, and Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

The most up to date list of the 51 forecasted grants is here.

The list includes grants in:

  • New York (6 grants),
  • Texas (6 grants),
  • Illinois (3 grants),
  • Indiana (3 grants),
  • Michigan (3 grants),
  • Virginia (3 grants),
  • Alabama (2 grants),
  • Arkansas (2 grants),
  • Florida (3 grants),
  • Tennessee (2 grants),
  • Pennsylvania (3 grants),
  • Colorado (2 grants), and
  • One grant each in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

We’ll let you know if we see any other updates in the coming week. Remember, it’s possible the final list of grants that posts could be different; with more or less grants appearing once the posting date arrives.

If your agency will be applying for a grant in the upcoming round of DRS please feel free to be in touch to explore how we can support your grant writing process. We offer a range of grant writing supports and enjoy tailoring approaches to meet agencies’ unique needs.

Thank you.

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