For those of you applying for a Round 2 Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) grant, we’re sure you’re well aware that we’re less than one month away from the proposal submission deadline. It’s been a fast process, but there is still plenty of time left to pull together all of the final pieces of your proposal.

A few tips to help ensure a smooth process leading up to the deadline:

  • Stay on top of the appendix. Keep a close eye on the page limit for the narrative and appendices. Keep a detailed list of appendices and indicate the status (e.g., draft, pending approval, final) as well as who is responsible for ensuring completion. Leave yourself enough time before the deadline to compile all final appendices into a master document. This can be a cumbersome task!
  • Pay careful attention to the “Application Review Information” section of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). This section of the FOA includes the criteria against which proposals will be reviewed. Select a couple of individuals to mock review the proposal using the evaluation criteria.
  • Know who is doing what and when. Maintain a timeline that includes daily responsibilities of key team members helping to develop the application. Ensure team members have a shared understanding of turnaround times and processes. Give yourself a buffer before the proposal deadline in case there are any delays in your application development or approval processes.
  • Plan ahead for submission. Ensure login credentials are up to date. Plan the date and time that you will submit your proposal and know who needs to be involved and when. Make sure that by the time you plan to submit your proposal that it will have gone through all approval channels.

Best of luck to those of you submitting proposals! 

Thank you.

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Foundations for Families offers EHS-CCP grantees targeted technical assistance and strength-based coaching of key start-up staff. We have helped multiple organizations design, plan for, and draft successful proposals for the first round of EHS-CCP and plan to offer the same expertise for any new opportunities. Please be in touch with Amy Augenblick, Executive Director, at 703-599-4329 or [email protected] to learn about how we can support you and your program.

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