Earlier this year Preschool Development Birth through Five Grant awards were announced. There is now additional information available on the Office of Child Care (OCC) website about the awardees. A list of PDG B-5 Grant awardees is posted with the federal award amount, non-federal match, as well as a link to the applicant’s initial grant proposal. You will also find a list of state contacts, TA specialists, federal project officers, and OCC regional staff office member assigned to the awardee.

OCC provides an interesting note about how much funding applicants received compared to the amount they requested –

…keep in mind that States/Territories were awarded approximately 71% of the amount they requested, if that amount was greater than $1.5M. As a result most States/Territories were required to submit a brief, revised scope to reflect work that was being scaled back or eliminated due to the less-than-requested amount of funding. (States/Territories seeking less than $1.5M received 100% of the amount requested.)

Since states’ revised scopes of work don’t appear to be posted to the OCC website, you may have to reach out to your state contact to learn more about PDG in your state.

We’ve been hearing about PDG activity in states, with many press releases and requests for proposals circulating among the early childhood community. The grant period is moving quickly, and there is a lot of exciting work beginning to take place.

Despite uncertainty about PDG B-5 funding in future years, a forecast remains on grants.gov for PDG B-5 renewal grants. The estimated posting date of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) continues to be August 19, 2019, with applications due December 20, 2019.

We look forward to hearing more about the PDG B-5 progress in states! If you are helping to administer a PDG B-5 grant and need assistance with PDG B-5 activities or renewal planning, please be in touch. We invite you to learn more about our PDG B-5 consulting services.

Thank you.

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