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When CFR 1307 (DRS) was announced 2011, it seemed like a very big deal.  We thought it would impact the Head Start community in a fundamental way so we launched this blog to help make sense of it.

When the funding for EHS-Child Care Partnerships was announced recently, we had a similar reaction.  $500,000,000 in new funding for community based Early Head Start…!

We anticipate a significant shift in community based infant toddler care – sort of like DRS but, we certainly hope, in a less stressful way.

So, we’ve launched a blog.  Here is the first little bit and a link to more.  We hope you are as interested in this topic as we are!


What an exciting time to be working on behalf of vulnerable infants and toddlers!

As you know, the Administration for Children and Families recently announced plans to fund Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships.  The Office of Head Start will award unprecedented funds to expand high quality learning to about 100,000 infants and toddlers.  Community based child care – both centers and family child care – will house the expanded opportunities as partners of the Early Head Start grantees.

The vision of the EHS-Child Care Partnership is that the community partners will get more funding and support than they currently get in return for elevating their standards and practices to fully meet federal Head Start Performance Standards.  These are standards that are almost always higher, more comprehensive and better for young children than the basic child care regulations.

The purpose of this blog is twofold.  Read more…

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