There hasn’t been a lot of new information about Head Start recompetition/CFR 1307 released during the last couple of weeks.  This is not unusual – the week between Christmas and New Year’s is quiet and distracted in DC.  Of course, the 132 grantees who received notice of the need to recompete have likely been very focused on their own situations since receiving notice but little has been written more generally.

Whether you are one of the 132 or not –  if you are in the Head Start/Early Head Start community this has got to get on and stay on your A+ radar screen.  How are you going to integrate the topic into management meetings?  Policy Council meetings?  Informal walk-abouts with teaching staff and families?

We’re aware of two especially good opportunities to connect and learn in the next few weeks.  We hope to see you in Las Vegas or hear your ideas on the webinars. Do you know of others in your community?  Let us know so we can share with the whole group.

Feldesman Tucker’s Recompetition Summit
February 27-28, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
This is a legal matter that is going to impact every single thing we do.  It only makes sense (to us) to get the perspective of  THE lawyers to the Head Start community. Ted Waters and Zoe Beckerman – along with experts Jerry Parr and  Seth Kopald.

Teaching Strategies Recompetition Webinars
Thursday, January 5 at 1 pm ET
Surpassing the Threshold: Using The Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool to Promote Optimal Teacher/Child Outcomes
Thursday, January 12 at 1 pm ET
Improving School Readiness: What Is It and How Can We Make It Happen?
Thursday, January 19 at 1 pm ET
Attaining Classroom Quality Through Ongoing Monitoring
Teaching Strategies’ long-standing committment to Head Start gives us confidence that these will be very good webinars. 

Please take the opportunity to share your local resources with the national audience – this is an important moment for our community and it makes sense to work together.

Thank you.

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