In DRS Round 1, a delegate to a super-grantee in a major metropolitan city wanted to compete to be the grantee for their portion of the grant. Without access to the underlying community assessment data used by the super-grantee, they couldn’t easily write the Demonstration of Need (DON) section of the proposal. The DON builds on typical community assessment data. Foundations for Families was hired to complete the community assessment for the delegate agency seeking to serve a much smaller and more targeted population. Foundations for Families collected and synthesized the data with two purposes in mind. First to be completely responsive to the DON section of the proposal and capture all possible points. Second, to align the data collection process and product to the community assessment requirements in the Head Start Program Performance Standards so that the agency could leverage our work into their ongoing operations. The result? A winning proposal, a successful delegate-turned-grantee, and award winning Head Start services to 141 young children and families.

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