This month, we made many improvements to the Foundations for Families website. Now, you can more easily learn about the resources and services we offer. If your program plans to compete for funding in the upcoming round of DRS, we encourage you to check out our Grant Writing Solutions page. Here, you can learn about the wide variety of grant writing services offered by our team.

When it comes to DRS proposals, some programs want traditional supports. For example, comprehensive grant writing or grant coaching services. Our team is highly skilled in these areas and has written successful proposals for Head Start/Early Head Start grantees across the country in every round of DRS.

But what if your program has an internal grant writer or wants a lighter touch for support? Foundations for Families offers customized supports to meet the needs of programs. We’ve listed to programs’ concerns and have observed where support is typically needed in the application process. We offer a few solutions that are high impact and maximum value for programs.

Toolkit. If your program has the capacity to write its own grant proposal, then our grant writing Toolkit might be the right fit. Our resources will equip your program with a timeline, template, and process to successfully draft and submit a competitive proposal. With a step-by-step calendar to help you stay on track, our toolkit will direct you through the grant writing process. Questions and checklists based on grant criteria will prompt discussions about content and support a critical review of your final draft.

Quality Assurance Review. Using custom tools, Foundations for Families team members conduct a detailed review of an applicant’s proposal (drafted by the applicant) and provide feedback to strengthen compliance and competitiveness of the proposal. This review can be conducted once or twice during the proposal development period and is done with an eye to alignment with evaluation criteria and requirements of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). Submission Support. The importance of timely and accurate data entry and submission of application components in cannot be underestimated. To help agencies through this final stage of the application process, Foundations for Families offers submission support. We will walk you through application submission step-by-step so that you gain an understanding of and feel confident that your application is compliant and meets the deadline.

If your program needs assistance in the upcoming round of DRS please be in touch. Reach out to learn more about the ways Foundations for Families can support your program.

Thank you.

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