Congratulations to programs that were awarded Early Head Start Expansion and Early Head Start – Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP) grants in the third round of competition. While we haven’t seen an announcement from the Office of Head Start about who was awarded funds, we’ve heard from some of you that awards were formally made and that announcements are being shared publicly.

We understand this round of competition was highly competitive. It is an enormous accomplishment to have applied for and been awarded a grant. We hope that those of you who worked hard on your application and weren’t awarded funds will continue to look for other new opportunities to reach families in innovative ways. The effort is not lost on an unfunded application, as there is much opportunity for rebuilding, refining and putting forward an even stronger application next time.

Earlier this year we shared Six Tips for Start Up Success, and some of the strategies highlighted were related to planning for your award. Now, it’s time for awardees to execute!

There is a lot that can be learned from round 1 and round 2 (through your own experience and the experience of others!), regardless of whether your program is new to EHS-CCP or has been implementing for years. Here are some resources you might be interested to check out –

If you proposed a start up planner or fiscal consultant, then one of the first items on your to do list is probably identifying and contracting with that person. Check out page 2 of EHS-CC Partnership Grantee Tip Sheet #1 – Engaging an Implementation Planner and/or Fiscal Consultant for a list of key considerations for selecting an Implementation Planner or Fiscal Consultant.

In our work, we find that fiscal is the number one challenge for EHS-CCP grantees. Being aware of potential fiscal challenges as you start your new grant can help you stay one step ahead of those pitfalls. Here, you can learn about EHS-CCP Start Up and Subsidies. Subsidies are often an important part of the equation leading to EHS-CCP success. There is also a new resource available on ECLKC, Partnering with Parents to Access and Maintain Subsidy in Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships, that provides actual examples of how programs have partnered with subsidy agencies, collaborated with families and maximized subsidy revenue.

There are two resources that your program will develop or refine that will be essential to a smooth start up period – a work plan and a timeline (also known as an action plan). These resources, working together, will help guide your team successfully through start up and into implementation. Organizing your benchmarks, action items, and roles into a collective document will give you a tool for planning and monitoring progress. Learn more about action planning and tips for developing a start up roadmap.

If your program is in need of start up assistance please be in touch. Our team has significant experience working with round 1 and round 2 grantees. We would be glad to talk with you and learn more about your program.

Thank you.

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