Last (for today), but certainly not least…a two part, very high quality DRS technical assistance webinar on the round two FOAs.

We are rearranging holiday plans to participate…these never disappoint!

Thursday, August 8th and Friday, August 9th
Guest: Zoe Beckerman, Esq.
Host: Feldesman, Tucker, Leifer Fidell, LLP

You can register here.

From FTLF’ss email:

Don’t miss out on detailed guidance about the new changes to the Recompetition Funding Opportunity Announcements (“FOAs”) as well as step-by-step instructions on critical issues in writing recompetition grant applications. FTLF is offering a late-breaking, two-part webinar, How to Write Recompetition Grant Applications, which will help you:

Understand all of the components of the newly released recompetition FOAs;

Consider critical changes from the last cohort of FOAs;

Learn how to navigate the application process and avoid disqualifying factors; and

Use our tips to develop and submit stellar grant applications.


Leading this two-part webinar is FTLF attorney Zoë Beckerman, The Leader in Recompetition Trainings. Zoë has provided insight and best practices on recompetition from the beginning, and will point you towards the legal requirements you need to meet and provide tips on best practices as you draft your Head Start/ Early Head Start application.

If you’re looking for the “same old” short, free summary you’ve heard from others before, this isn’t the webinar for you! But, if you want a comprehensive walk-through of all of the parts of the FOAs to help your program get ready to write a strong grant application in a short time frame, this two-part webinar provides four hours of in-depth, detailed information and analysis of the FOA to help you do just that.

Thank you.

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