Today, 32 of the forecasted DRS Round 3 notices migrated from the grants forecast to

You can view them at Remember, put 93.600 in the CFDA search field and you should get 34 results. The last two (on page 2) are the two EHS-CCP opportunities that are still open.

So far, states with live FOAs are: Connecticut (3), Massachusetts (4), Maryland (1), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (1), New York (4), Pennsylvania (10), Puerto Rico (2), Rhode Island (1), Virginia (4), and West Virginia (1).

We are looking carefully and will provide analysis soon. Basically – by the numbers – you have less time to do just as much as applicants did in Round 1 and 2. Just 62 days and a limit of 266 pages across four electronic files.

But – you’ve been working on this and are poised, ready to go. Right?

More soon.

Thank you.

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