On or before December 15, 2014, 87 grantees were informed that they would have to compete for continued funding of their Head Start or Early Head Start programs in the 4th round of DRS (Designation Renewal System). Per 45 CFR 1307, these programs met one or more of seven specific conditions, or triggers, that now put a grantee agency into recompetition status.

In this round, 40 states (including the US Territory of Puerto Rico) are home to the 87 grantees on the recompete list.

It is interesting to compare the four rounds in terms of numbers of grantees on the list per state. This list represents the top three states, by number of grantees on the list, in each round. While the numbers in the top three slots went down, the number of states impacted went up.

Round 1

  1. Virginia (11)
  2. Ohio (10)
  3. New York (9)

12 states had zero grantees on the Round 1 DRS list.

Round 2

  1. New York (18)
  2. Texas (8)
  3. Louisiana (8)
  4. Illinois (6)

14 states had zero grantees on the Round 2 DRS list.

Round 3

  1. Texas (11)
  2. Louisiana (10)
  3. Pennsylvania (9)

12 states had zero grantees on the Round 3 DRS list.

Round 4

  1. Pennsylvania (6)
  2. Texas (4)
  3. Louisiana (4)
  4. Florida (4)
  5. North Carolina (4)
  6. Michigan (4)
  7. New York (3)
  8. Georgia (3)
  9. Missouri (3)
  10. Ohio (3)
  11. Kansas (3)
  12. Kentucky (3)
  13. New Jersey (3)
  14. Wisconsin (3)

10 states had zero grantees on the Round 4 DRS list.

Later this week, we’ll look at how this list compares to the list of Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership preliminary award winners. Just as it was possible for the Round 2 and 3 grantees to apply for the EHS-CCP opportunity, it is true that the preliminary award winners can also be placed in DRS.

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