The December 14, 2016 Office of Head Start (OHS) Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) Talk webinar provided in-depth information about a framework for implementation of the new HSPPS. We heard about the different stages of the framework – moving from exploration, to installation, and then to initial implementation and eventually full implementation. The Head Start Management Systems Wheel was discussed as a new tool to support program activities. A quick survey of webinar participants showed that few programs have spent much time using the tool and programs were encouraged to explore the Management Systems Wheel as they plan for implementation of the new HSPPS. Check out the “questions to consider” that accompany the wheel, as these guiding questions will help you and your team plan and check in on progress throughout the implementation process.

The webinar offered helpful suggestions as you plan for implementation of the new HSPPS.

  • Create a Standards Implementation Team. Include senior management who will focus on the overall approach. Also include program staff who will help to ensure each standard’s content area is understood and progress is being made toward implementation of the new standards.
  • Develop strategies to reach long-term goals. Set benchmarks and check in with your team regularly to see where your program is along your journey. Keep timelines and costs front and center to your discussions.
  • Build a strong communication system. Focus on building relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Ensure you have communication policies in place, and be sure to communicate with your Regional Office as part of your communication strategy.
  • Remember that change is a process. The new HSPPS give your program flexibility to work with your team to take ownership of how you will implement the new HSPPS. Ask questions when needed, and use your program specialist as an ongoing resource.

Remember, if you miss the monthly HSPPS Talk webcasts you can view them on ECLKC. The next HSPPS webcast will take place on January 18, 2017 at 2:00pm EST and you can register here.

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