Organizational Development

Strategic Organizational Development and Leadership

Foundations for Families provides strategic organizational consulting and leadership development for education and human services agencies.

We can help improve an agency’s effectiveness by creating or reinforcing improved strategies and structures that involve people, processes and planning. Our leadership development includes individual and group coaching to improve performance, accountability and sustain results that benefit the children and families that the agency serves.

Foundations for Families assessed the strength of the EHS/HS programs’ organizational and management capabilities prior to the submission of a grant application due to the agency’s placement on ... read more

“Having FFF be in the start-up planner role working with us at every step proved our wisest decision. They didn’t just advise, as many consultants often only do, they actually did the work ... read more

“Foundations for Families provided invaluable and top-shelf quality 12-month strategic guidance in all areas of launching our new EHS-CCP grant, particularly in the context of being a ... read more

Foundations for Families was hired to provide comprehensive and strategic guidance on start-up and implementation of the multi-million Round 1 EHS-CCP grant across 12 counties and 15 child care ... read more

“It’s been so wonderful working with you and the whole Foundations for Families team. I can’t imagine how we would have put together such a forward-thinking program and fiscal plan and ... read more

“Thanks to all of you for your professionalism and assistance. It was indeed a complex application and we so appreciated the assistance you provided. I shared with Linda this week that I ... read more

“The work you have provided to this group has been instrumental in its continued progress. The last meeting was the first time I have seen the team get into some aspirational dialogue. It ... read more

Foundations for Families led the organizational capacity assessment of a group of unlikely collaborators forming a new, dynamic, multi-agency alliance to successfully compete for $12 million ... read more

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