Grant Writing, Community Assessments, and Reports

Grant Writing, Community Assessments, and Reports

The children and families in your community rely on you to provide high-quality care and education. A strong community assessment that informs your program design, coupled with well-written grant proposals and reports, is essential for your program’s growth and sustainability.

In collaboration with grantees, we write community assessments with an equity lens, grant applications, and other reports, including Wage Studies and outcomes reports.

Grant Writing

We provide comprehensive and strategic grant writing services for Designation Renewal System (DRS), Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership (EHS-CCP), Head Start/Early Head Start, and other funding opportunities at the federal and state levels.

In the competitive funding environment of early childhood education, we have a remarkable success rate writing and supporting proposals that are awarded funding. We can work with you to identify the right level of support for your program.

Services include:

Comprehensive Grant Writing: for applicants in need of a dedicated team to manage the application process and draft the proposal.

Grant Coaching: for applicants who will draft their own proposal but need assistance with project management, program design, input, and feedback.

Quality Assurance Reviews: a review of your proposal draft, complete with detailed feedback and edits, ensures you remain highly competitive and meet all required criteria.


We work with programs to plan, coordinate, and conduct the community assessments required by federal Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS).  While this can be a cumbersome task for many agencies, we specialize in data collection and research, and can guide you through the process to produce a high quality, informative report.

A newly updated community assessment can inform a program design that truly meets the needs of your community. Whether you are starting from scratch or working with an existing assessment, our timeline allows us to dig into data, explore new sources of information, and gather input from your stakeholders, if needed.

Applying the Equity Lens

A well-researched community assessment is key to understanding what differentiates your population. Our method of community assessment will help you deliver resources that ensure equity and optimal child outcomes. Equity is defined as focusing on the strengths and needs of children and families and the causes of disparities. It attempts to ameliorate disparities through targeted strategies, programs, and policies.

Traditional community assessments gather the required data. By taking the next step to apply the equity lens, you can continuously improve your program in order to implement changes – well-grounded in data – that positively impact the children and families in your communities.

Wage and Benefits Comparability Study

Employee compensation is an important element of any program’s ability to attract and maintain a skilled and motivated workforce. Keeping tabs on the wages and benefits in your area is one piece of the puzzle to ensuring your workforce is optimally supported.

Conducting a wage comparability study can be incredibly helpful for program planning, and will both inform and justify support for a high quality early learning workforce. Having a current wage study alongside a strong community assessment will give you a wealth of information about your community, family, and staff needs.


We thoroughly understand the outcomes reporting process and can help your organization meet federal or other funder requirements.

Learn more about our work serving communities at the local, state, regional, and national level. Foundations for Families has a 100% success rate in writing DRS applications in every round of competition. We have a similar track record in EHS-CCP, initial HS/EHS funding, and expansion proposals.

The Office of Head Start Regional program and finance officials commented that the quality of our proposal was among the most well written and noted how clearly and succinctly the narrative and budget sections aligned. They indicated that because of the quality of the proposal, it was being fast tracked for funding and startup. Thank you, Foundations, for Families – Linda, Kelly and Amy!

Ruthann House

President/CEO, WSOS Community Action, Toledo and surrounding neighborhoods, Ohio, Successful EHS-CCP applicant

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