Recompetition…redesignation…1307…OH MY!

The idea or reality of being asked to recompete for a Head Start grant is intimidating, time-consuming and unpleasant for most.  Remembering why we do what we do can help lower the stress levels.  We suspect that will only come in handy more often over the next several months…

Among many other reasons we all want Head Start and Early Head Start programs to live up to their potential are those outlined by  guest contributor Jackie Zubrzycki in Sarah Sparks’ regular spot at Ed Week today.

Be sure to read the whole article…but highlights include:

  • Family of children enrolled in Head Start programs spend more time reading, going to museums, and engaging in enriching and pre-academic activities with their children, according to a December 2011 paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research .
  • Dads who don’t live with their children spend more time with them when they are in Head Start, and continue to do so even after the children have left the program.
  • Parents of  young children in Head Start spend more time investing more meaningfully in their children and continue to do so after leaving Head Start.
  • AND HERE IT IS: Children enrolled in higher-performing Head Start programs experience a greater increase in parent involvement.

We encourage you to read and reflect for yourself: good is good, but better is better.  So, let’s be better. We hope you’ll discuss these issues when and if you find yourself being asked to recompete for your grant.  Or if you don’t. 

Head Start and Early Head Start can be, and usually are, amazing programs built on an incredible vision.  When we are asked to do more of the hard and irritating parts (recompeting, writing proposals, administrivia), it is important to remember why it is worth it.

Because doing better for these kids and families is worth it.

Thank you.

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