Last week, we reviewed the initial ESH-CCP awards by region and examined key details in Region 4. More EHS-CCP funds were awarded to Region 4 than any other region – $416,900,000.

Region 9 received the next largest number of initial dollars: $79,100,000. There were 39 successful applicants. Region 9 had lowest percent of awards to new grantees of any region. In fact, 95% of the awards are going to existing grantee agencies.

Region 9

4 grantees (4 existing)

31 grantees (29 existing, 2 new)

1 grantee (1 existing)

2 grantees (2 existing)

Northern Mariana Islands
1 grantee (1 existing)

In the next few days, we’ll look more closely at the ratios of new to existing grantee winners by region and the details about winners in Region 3.

Thank you.


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