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In January of 2014, Congress appropriated $500 million to expand the number and quality of early learning slots for infants and toddlers.

Make no mistake, this funding opportunity is monumental. With enormous potential to advance early access to early learning, it also carries significant challenges and risk.

Through Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) grants or new Early Head Start grants, community based child care can join in the expanded opportunities as partners of the Early Head Start grantees.

Foundations for Families supports the highest aspirations of this initiative: to ensure that more infants and toddlers – particularly the most vulnerable – have access to the highest quality early learning.

EHS-CCP In Depth Blog

It’s our mission to promote excellence in early childhood education, so naturally, we’re invested in helping you put these grant dollars to work.

We started this blog to give you up to date information and analysis on the EHS-Child Care Partnership Initiative.

We’re also sharing resources to give you access to tools and services that maximize success in planning for, applying for, and implementing an EHS-Child Care Partnership grant.

Foundations for Families has proven experience in key elements to successful EHS- Child Care partnerships: Early Head Start, child care, child care subsidies, organizational development and strategic partnering, start-up planning, finance, and the law.

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