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In November 2011, President Barack Obama announced new regulations for the Head Start Program. And on December 19, 2011, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) notified 132 Head Start grantees that they were going to have to compete in order to continue receiving Head Start funding.

This was an historic moment in the Head Start program. For the first time ever, grantees who did not meet quality thresholds established by the Office of Head Start had to compete with other potential providers for Head Start funding.

For those on the list, it was a challenging time of new expectations and concerted planning in the wake of the Designation Renewal System.

Foundations for Families started this blog to provide support for those agencies on the DRS list, and to give you up to date information and analysis about DRS.

This blog is designed to provide timely information and context for those agencies on DRS lists or those wishing to compete for the service areas.

We have successfully worked with agencies in every round of recompetition to write winning grants, design competitive programs, confirm prudent budgets, and plan for a manageable start-up period.

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