As promised, ACF/OHS announced today that they are in negotiations with 234 preliminary winners of the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership and Early Head Start Expansion grants.

Congratulations to the agencies and to the families, children and providers who will benefit from these partnerships.

More analysis to follow but to get it started…

The top ten states based on number of awards are:

1) California with 31 awards and $64,100,000
2) Texas with 16 awards and $30,600,000
3) New York with 12 awards and $22,300,000
4) Florida with 10 awards and $32,600,000
5) Ohio with 10 awards and $16,800,000
6) North Carolina with 9 awards and $15,800,000
7) Georgia with 8 awards and $16,200,000
8) Tennessee with 7 awards and $10,200,000
9) Virginia with 7 awards and $8,100,000
10) Minnesota with 6 awards and $6,100,000
10) Pennsylvania with 6 awards and $11,500,000

Thanks and more soon.

If you are need help with Start Up planning or support as you finalize your subsidy access process and budget, Please do call – 703-599-4329 or email [email protected].

Our sister blog,, can be helpful if – unfortunately – you or your peers find yourself on the DRS list.

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