The release of the National Overview of Grantee CLASS Scores provides national statistics by CLASS domain and dimension of the grantees that received CLASS reviews during the past program year. The National Overview for 2020 was recently made available.

Due to COVID-19, fewer CLASS reviews took place than in previous years. Under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t expect to see the National Overview until next spring.

For DRS, the National Overview of Grantee CLASS Scores provides valuable information about the lowest 10% of the national distribution of grantee-level domain scores. Per the Head Start Act, if a program scores in the bottom 10% they are required to compete for continued funding.

The lowest 10% thresholds for CLASS scores in the 2019-2020 program year are:

  • 6750 for Emotional Support,
  • 3175 for Classroom Organization, and
  • 3889 for Instructional Support.

Grantees who had a CLASS review during the 2019-2020 program year can use these thresholds to determine if their scores fall into the lowest 10%.

Until the August 2019 Notice of Proposed Rule-making (NOPR) on changes to the CLASS condition of DRS is made a Final Rule, the current CLASS condition will apply. The NOPR proposed removing the 10% CLASS condition and raising the absolute CLASS thresholds. The Office of Head Start (OHS) shared at the NHSA Winter Leadership Institute that the Final Rule is expected this summer.

We recommend a dual planning pathway for programs that fall into the lowest 10% of 2019-2020 CLASS scoresEither your program will compete for funding in DRS or your program will submit a new 5-year baseline grant application. By taking a dual planning pathway, your program will be ready whether it is required to submit a competitive or a non-competitive proposal.

If your program plans to write a DRS grant proposal and needs tools and resources to support the process, you might consider our DRS Toolkit. We also offer services to strengthen proposal compliance and competitiveness, such as Quality Assurance Review and Submission Support. Contact us to learn more.

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