There’s good news if you’re an EHS-CCP grantee or the partnerships have been on your radar. EHS-CCP received a $135 million increase in funding in the FY2016 spending bill. This is exciting, as additional funds means greater support for high-quality, comprehensive services for children and families.

If you’re an existing grantee, you’ve probably explored resources from the National Center on Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships (NCEHS-CCP). NCEHS-CCP provides training, technical assistance, and resources to support successful implementation of the partnerships. This is a great place to look for information as you enter the next phase of your work.

So what else does this increase mean? A potential opportunity for new EHS-CCP grants to be awarded! Keep your eye out for updates about any Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA). If EHS-CCP seems like a good fit for your community, it’s not too soon to start doing some background information gathering. Learn from those that are already implementing grants and check out the resources available through the NCEHS-CCP.

If you’re an existing EHS-CCP grantee in need of assistance support during the last portion of your start-up period, please be in touch. We would be glad to discuss your unique needs and help set you on a path to successful implementation. If you’re not an EHS-CCP grantee yet but are thinking the initiative might be a good fit, we can help you think strategically about the opportunity based on your agency’s strengths and what we’ve seen work (and not) in programs across the country. Check back as we’ll share information about any potential new grants as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you.

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Foundations for Families offers EHS-CCP grantees targeted technical assistance and strength-based coaching of key start-up staff.  We have helped multiple organizations design, plan for, and draft successful proposals for the first round of EHS-CCP and plan to offer the same expertise for any new opportunities. Please be in touch with Amy Augenblick, Executive Director, at 703-599-4329 or [email protected] to learn about how we can support you and your program.


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